Frequently Asked Questions

Why Resurface Instead of Replace?

Quality! Our patented product often exceeds, but always meets most manufacturers factory specifications.

Time! Most projects can be completed in just a few hours.

Money! Our method allows you to remodel your ordinary kitchen or bathroom areas at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Is there a difference between The Resurfacing Specialist and other companies?

Yes! The service that we provide is unique and we guarantee customer satisfaction. Many companies use similar techniques but our patented service is scientifically proven and our surfaces are guaranteed.

What if my surface is chipped or cracked?

Most small damages can be repaired during the process and the final result will be a smooth new finish.

How long will it last?

With proper care your refinished bathtub, kitchen countertops, and vanities will easily last 15 years or more. The best way to keep your bathtub clean is to wipe it down after each use and you don’t have to wipe it completely dry.

Will my bathtub or countertop look painted?

No, in most cases you cannot tell the difference. In fact, you will be able to tell others that it’s brand new and they won’t be able to tell either!

Do you do residential jobs?

Yes! We have many residential customers and we can schedule an appointment to visit you and be on time for the time set!