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Knoxville: 865-247-2248
Southwest Florida: 239-216-3590
Southeast Florida: 954-915-9566


Our Services

With our patented finishes you can resurface almost anything that's ugly, worn, cracked, chipped or faded. Most hard surfaces can be refinished from ceramics to porcelains, fiberglass to acrylic, laminate tops to counters, cultured marble, appliances and cabinets. And the best part is that they will look brand new.


We do professional quality repairs to any Kitchen & Bath surfaces including chips, cracks, burn marks, delamination, fading, stains, rust and more!




Professional Refinishing of:

- Kitchen Cabinets
- Countertops
- Bathtubs & Hot Tubs
- Jacuzzies & Saunas
- Showers & Sinks
- Bathroom Vanities  
- Floor & Wall Tile

If you want it done right the first time, without any hassles or headaches, Resurfacing Specialist is the way to go!

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